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The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), was established in 1948, vide the Housing Act, Chapter 36:20, to address the housing needs of the citizens of Guyana. The Agency, which is under the purview of the Ministry of Housing and Water, has the following primary objectives:

  • Divestment of Government land to eligible Guyanese for residential use.
  • Development of housing schemes and regularization and upgrade of squatter settlements.
  • Orderly and progressive development of Land, Cities, Towns, Urban and Rural areas.
  • Granting security of tenure, (Transports and Certificates of Title to Land).
  • Preparation of development plans for urban centers.
  • Provision of services (access roads, internal road networks, water distribution networks, drainage, electricity).
  • Collaboration with stakeholders for the development of sustainable communities.

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Minister Ali details Government’s significant investments in water sector

15 July 2014

HOUSING and Water Minister, Irfaan Ali has said in a statement that the Government of Guyana has made significant investments in the water sector to ensure that all Guyanese have access to an acceptable supply of potable water.



CRIP Handing Over Ceremony for Unity/Verneering NDC

09 May 2014

My colleague Minister, the Honourable Norman Wittaker; Finance Secretary, Mr Nirmal Rekha; Director of the Caribbean Development Bank; invited guests; members of the media let me say that I am delighted to be here this afternoon for reflection, celebration and projection in relation to what would have been delivered to you by the Government, and what the Government is proposing in moving forward.



Notice to applications prior to December 2008

09 April 2014






Speech of Hon. Mohamed Irfaan Ali for Budget Debate 2014 Transcribed

02 April 2014

Mr Speaker, I wish to congratulate the Honourable Minister of Finance, Dr Ashni Kumar Singh, and his competent staff of the Ministry of Finance for presenting a budget that is realistic – one that speaks to the issues facing our population, and one that seeks to bring balance in terms of income distribution and distribution of the national pie of wealth. For this, all of us must congratulate the Honourable Minister.



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To formulate policies in the Human Settlement and Water Sectors and to Monitor the implementation of plans, programmes and projects designed to satisfy the Housing and Water needs of the Population.