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 A GIS Officer explains cartographic conventions used for land-use mapping to secondary school students.


On July 9th 2013, the GIS & Research Unit of the Central Housing & Planning Authority hosted an interactive session with an engaging group of secondary school students on how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is used in the field of land-use planning. 

The GIS Camp was the initiative of GeoTechVision Guyana Inc. and served to introduce students to GIS technology and its wide-ranging applications. Several fifth form students participated from schools such as Presidents College, St. Stanislaus, and Central High School. The CH&PA was one of several agencies invited to participate in the initiative to demonstrate to the students how GIS is used in various fields.  

A presentation was made on how the CH&PA uses GIS in the areas of land use planning and development. The GIS officers discussed the relevance of GIS technology for interpreting spatial data and decision-making.


 Map showing section of Grove/Diamond NDC,

used to demonstrate criteria ranking for the

siting of a new facility within a community.



 GIS officers assist students in orienting and interpreting land-use maps.


 Specifically, it was demonstrated how CH&PA uses GIS to:

  • Map and monitor housing schemes and squatter settlements to determine community needs and enhance the livelihood of residents;
  •           Perform topographical modeling to determine suitability and land use capability for potential housing development;
  •           Run Multi-Criteria Evaluation analysis for site selection of vital community facilities;
  •           Perform vulnerability mapping to locate parcels at risk of flooding within a scheme;
  •           Map historical land use data to visualize settlement growth and change.




 Students discuss the type of spatial distribution of occupied land parcels in a Linden housing scheme.

Thereafter, the students were led through various practical exercises to challenge their map reading, interpretation and decision-making skills, all within a land use planning   context.
The students were enthusiastic and inquisitive, making for a highly interactive session.

CH&PA officers also discussed the benefits of being skilled in GIS to their future career paths. The application of GIS to a wide variety of fields was also emphasized.

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