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  1. To interview applicants for the allocation of house lots
  2. Allocation of land
  3. Investigation and enforcement of the Allocation Policy and the Town and Planning Act
  4. Conveyance of Block and individual Titles/Transports to CH&PA and allottees respectively

The responsibilities of this Department can be summarized as follows:


  • Receive and acknowledge applications for house lots
  • Conduct interviews of applicants for land, to determine their eligibility to benefit from the housing programme
  • Assist with the management of the Database as it relates to applications and interviews
  • Address queries and enquires from the public on the status of their applications

Land Allocation

  • Allocate land via a lottery system to qualified applicants
  • Issue payment vouchers to prospective owners and allottees to effect the acceptance of payment on land
  • Prepare Agreements of Sale for the lots allocated
  • Process the inclusion/deletion of names to allocation documents prior to the ownership of land via a Transport or a Certificate of Title
  • Review of applicant’s income to determine eligibility for a low, moderate or middle category of allocation
  • Repossess lots which are not beneficially utilized
  • Address complaints, queries from the public


  • Effect all legal transactions in relation to land under the jurisdiction of CH&PA
  • Process and distribute Transports and Titles to beneficiaries of the housing programme.
  • Manage the property registers for all land owned by CH&PA
  • Responsible for the processing of requests for disposal of land, inclusion and deletion of names, vesting of property (land) Transported or Titled
  • Responsible for effecting cancellations and amendments of Certificates of Title and Transports

Investigation and Enforcement

  • Investigate and report on all illegal land transactions
  • Enforce CH&PA regulations regarding illegal occupation of land (squatting) and address contravention issues as it relates to land use matters
  • Demolish illegal structures on land under the control of CH&PA that contravene the T&CP Act, chapter 20.01.
  • Monitor and conduct surveillance activities within housing areas
  • Conduct inventory of housing schemes


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Mission Statement

To formulate policies in the Human Settlement and Water Sectors and to Monitor the implementation of plans, programmes and projects designed to satisfy the Housing and Water needs of the Population.

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