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The life of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) Board has been brought to an end and a new board will be appointed shortly.

Speaking with reporters today at the post-Cabinet media briefing, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, said that in keeping with the government’s plans to establish an age requirement for persons who sit on state boards, agencies and commissions, the new CH&PA board, when appointed, will not include Hamilton Green. Green was appointed as CH&PA Board Chairman last year. The former Mayor of Georgetown is over the age of 80.

The minister explained that the government is seeking to strike a balance between efficiency and age. “We do not believe age is deterrent in and of itself but we do believe that we have many younger persons who are there and are competent as well, to carry out these duties and we believe they should be given a chance,” the minister said.

“It is no disrespect or no disregard to the work that is being done by these persons (who held the position) but we do believe that we have to also create upward mobility for (younger) persons who are in the system,” the minister added.

The government, at the end of 2016, commenced a review of all government boards, agencies and commissions as part of paving the way for upward mobility  of younger persons to lead these bodies.

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