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Stakeholders offer input on draft National Housing Policy

A draft National Housing Policy, with the vision of being the guideline document that will be used by Government and others stakeholders in the development of the housing sector over the long – term was at the centre of discussions during a stakeholder consultation on Friday.

The session at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC), Liliendaal, saw representatives of Government Ministries, agencies, and the private and banking sectors among others, putting forward suggestions and ideas for the re-shaping and re-tooling of the document.

Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) Myrna Pitt and Dr. Coby Frimpong assisted with drafting the policy.

Minister Ali, opening the discussion explained that, “the Housing Policy was developed in a way to ensure that it is not a dead policy.

”He said the policy is not an assessment that will be done but an implementation tool that will overtime be monitored, as the policy carries a built – in implementation schedule and framework.

The Minister said that the intention is to “implement the policy and all its recommendations so that the housing sector can be protected and sustained and continue to grow.

” The goal of the consultation he said was to find “common ground” on the development of the document.

A copy was presented to the stakeholders a few weeks prior to the hosting of the session to ensure their full appraisal and participation.

Minister Ali explained that this was in line with the CPHA’s principle of allowing for “transparency, openness and consultative mechanism through which to advance the housing programme in Guyana.”

The draft document contains proposals for application for areas of constraints in the housing development in Guyana.

Macro economics and housing, demographic and housing trends, land management and marketing in Guyana, housing subsidies and the construction sector with emphasis on standards, building codes and quality of building materials are central among the issues the document seeks to provide guidelines for addressing.

Minister Ali stated that, “Housing itself has a tremendous effect on the economy.

” He said that the most powerful economy in the world was driven by the housing sector and destroyed by the housing sector and that this is an important lesson for developing countries like Guyana.

Guyana’s housing programme has been having much success and more and more investors are seeking to get involved in the programme.

He cautioned, however, “We have to be very guarded, as to how we continue the growth and development of this sector, the areas in which we focus and the various macro economics and fiscal policies that govern the development of this sector.”

The CHPA has over the years, in a major way, pushed Guyana’s housing programmes with unprecedented successes.

The National Housing Policy is part of the CHPA’s aim of giving clear policy directions to future development of the housing in Guyana.

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